Igniting the Power of OER in YOUR Classroom!

Open educational resources (OER) are materials, tools, and media for teaching and learning that are free from copyright restrictions or are publicly licensed for anyone to use, adapt, and redistribute. More simply put, OERs are open resources that can be remixed, modified, and redistributed by anyone.

There is a lot of enthusiasm about these resources, but how can you put them to use in your classroom?

This practical, hands-on session (bring your own device) will present a model for thinking about how to use OER in your own learning environment. We will begin with an example that scaffolds thinking about how to select and use OER and then will give time for participants to explore, select, and think about using OER themselves. The resulting plans will be listed here. Support will be provided to help participants find the best OER for their own students and goals.

This session will move OER from the planning phase to the action phase for you!

Credit: Blink Tower

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